New Year - New Projects and more on the Horizon

Seems like everyone takes stock at the end of the year.  I'm no different. As I have been thinking about this blog entry over the last few weeks, I looked over my calendar from last year.  Not that I'm a gig counting kind of guy, but at the end of the year, I do like to know. 

With band gigs, orchestra jobs, fill in work and studio time... well it was a bunch.  Well over 100 services.  But that's not what excited me about this count.  As I was looking over the list of gigs and such, snapshots of memories flooded back.  The music has been spectacular, but what has made this year special is all of the fellowship shared with musicians and fans alike at all these events. And for that I am truly thankful. 

I leave 2018 a better musician than I came in as.  I hope I can say the same looking back as to the question “did I become a better person too?” 

2019 holds promise of just as spectacular of a year.  New projects (the Mad Anthonys and Flat Five Jazz) are rolling out and will be in the area before you know it.  A new production project in the Roanoke area I’m very excited to be part of has begun – look for new on that in the upcoming months.  Also looking forward to getting back out this year with Solar Hearts, the EHQ and Carrington Kay.  Looking forward to seeing new friends and old. 

Check the calendar page on my website for all the upcoming shows – and see you soon!