New shows, news and ... a new bass?

Hey folks - 

Lots of news, lots of updates, and new shows added...

Its been a great summer so far for my brothers and I in Long Strange Night .  Killer show at Martin's in Roanoke on July 6th (which you can hear on a long with all of Long Strange Night's shows).  Great to catch up with old friends and new.  LSN will be announcing new shows in the next few days... so keep an eye out.

I have been asked last minute to help out the Vosbein-Magee Big Band at Salem, VA's Jazz in July festival, July 15th.  If you are in the area, come check out some of the region's best jazz musicians in a relaxing outdoor setting.

Later that night I will be with Long Strange Night in Lynchburg, VA at Big Licks.  Come on out and help us celebrate a couple of birthdays with Beatles, the Grateful Dead and Originals. July 15th - show starts at 8pm.

A new project, well new to me at least, Carrington Kay will be performing in Jonesborough TN's Music on the Square performance series.  If you are in the area, stop on by and say hello.

My full playing schedule is updated and available at


The Tommy Cox Band had a great experience this past weekend, that... well.. because of the confidentiality agreement we really can't go into detail... BUT - as soon as we get the word, we will be letting you all know what went on and whats going on in the future.  Some very exciting stuff indeed.

An finally a shout out to PJ and the folks at Spector Basses.  The new Spector Legend Classic 5, in all its natural finish beauty, arrived and made its first onstage appearance a few weeks ago.  To hear this monster, visit Long Strange Night's page or  The last two recordings feature my new baby.