Great weekend of music for sure!

I don't often point out a specific weekend of music, or gigs or concerts... but this weekend was spectacular for a couple of reasons....

First of all, I got to play jazz ... to a packed house.... with great players... in Lynchburg.    For you local folks, let that sink in.  

The Eric Hollandsworth Quartet, featuring Dr. Chris Magee on trumpet, Bill Purcell on Drums, and Lew Taylor on Keys, played one of my favorite venues -Jimmy's on the James.  Jimmy's is known for its history of supporting live jazz and we were excited to be there.  It was nice to see both friends and colleagues out in support.  It was truly great to have an audience engaged and listing to some really smoking jazz. Its nice to know that Jazz is still viable.

The second reason this weekend was great was the opportunity I had with Long Strange Night as we to begin the recording process on four of our original tunes.  Productive time, killer tunes, great musicians.  It was time for us to grow closer - as a band and as friends.  

But more than anything else, this weekend was about the craft and art of music... and sharing it with the world.  Whether it is just a small corner of the world in Lynchburg, VA or the world wide digital distribution we hope for Long Strange Night, we are placing art in the world.  Art in the world not just to "make it better".  Art meant to make you think.  To make you feel.  To make you question all aspects of humanity - the good and the bad.  

Yes, music heals me.  It always has and always will.  But its more than that.  It is a catalyst for change.  A nostalgic link to long ago places and to long ago memories.  And yes, medicine to heal.  

Remember what the arts mean to you.  How important they are to your life. 

For me, I had a great weekend creating art.